At Cedar Lodge, we encourage and welcome owners to come and see the facilities that we have at our Cattery.  Please contact us to arrange a suitable time for your visit.

This is a custom-built, luxurious guest accommodation for your pet. Construction was completed in the spring of 2018, so building materials and design are to the latest standards, varying from the double-glazing picture windows, ultra-hygienic PVC clad units, space, individual temperature-varying heating system and key-pad controlled entry and exit doors for safety…., in effect, space, comfort, stimulation, in a safe and secure environment. You have the option for complete privacy, or partial over-views of neighbours, depending on your pets’ personal preference. All of the above is offered to the highest hygiene and disease control standards.

We have researched the best products and preferences to benefit cats. We offer fresh, natural spring water, and even the bowls for food and water have been chosen to make your pet more comfortable and content while staying with us.

Cedar Lodge is a small, animal-centric, family-run, boarding facility, set in the idyllic countryside, with views of natural wildlife, and the continuous activity of a large family with 10 family pets!

What we offer:

• Individual, family-run attention to detail and care of your loved pet and companion.
• Highest standards exceeded for the accommodation and mental wellbeing of your pet.
• A choice of feed options
• Natural, fresh spring water.
• Family support varying from on-call Veterinary practitioners as well as family members experienced in Veterinary Nursing as well as general feed and overall pet-care needs.

Services Offered

• Collection and drop-off

By arrangement, we provide a collection and drop off service, with a charge for time and distance. Please let us know if you would like to avail of this service.

• Medical Care

We are happy to administer our guests’ medication. Simple injections, tablets, eye/ear drops or ointments this is all part of the service! However, the complexity and comfort of your cat will need to be discussed and assessed in advance of a booking being taken. If your cat's medical treatments (and/or dietary requirements) requires a disproportionate amount of time and attention, additional charges may apply.

• Relaxation and Entertainment

Being surrounded and steeped in all types of animals, we are only too aware of the importance of spotting unusual behaviour. At Cedar Lodge, we leave no stone unturned to find any cause of unease for our guests it is essential that our guests are happy and have a relaxing and enjoyable stay with us. Therefore, we ask for a detailed profile of our guests for their first visit so that we can get to know them better, and be in a position to know when they are not comfortable or feeling unwell.

We offer several viewing points for our guests to view the activities of natural wildlife and horses immediately outside the suites. Multiple toys are provided along with specialised feeding systems to keep your pet occupied and entertained during their stay with us. Calming music and chat are provided throughout the day to make sure that our guests have “background company” but allowing them their own space to settle and be comfortable.

• Grooming

All our guests will receive daily individual attention, which can include daily grooming if your cat is happy to accept it and as long as it adds to your cat's relaxation and enjoyment of their stay with us.

• Client Engagement

Trust is a crucial ingredient when someone is considering leaving their family pet with a new person. It has always been our experience that if we give a detailed background on what we do and who we are to people, they can be confident of entrusting their pets’ care to us. We will provide weekly updates with a photograph through WhatsApp or Email, however, more regular updates can also be provided by agreement.

cattery exterior side

Cedar Lodge Cattery in County Cork is a small, family-run, purpose-built, 5 Star, Luxury Cat hotel, designed to the highest FAB standards (Feline Advisory Bureau). The design and construction of the accommodation ensure the specific requirements of cats are met - our guests’ physical and mental wellbeing is paramount while they are away from their normal surroundings and human-family life.

The development of the Cattery was almost three years in the making from identifying the need for a luxury cattery in Munster, researching the specific needs of guests, the formation of plans with the submission and granting of planning permission, as well as the construction and upgrading of materials to ensure the highest standards are achieved.

From the outset, it was a goal to open a boutique, five-star establishment designed with the care and relaxation of our guests at the heart of all we do, and that we could stand over. We are only too well aware of how much trust is placed in us by pet owners; their cats are part of their owners’ own family! We have designed the suites and routines around the highest standards of care for pets that we ourselves would like for our own pets.

Features of our guest accommodation include:

• A limit of 10 suites, to maximise the care and attention that can be given as a family-only run Cattery.

• 9 of our 10 units exceed the FAB guidelines for 2 guests sharing (from the one family only), but offer utter luxury to a single guest! We have 1 suite that exceeds FAB guidelines for 4 guests (from the one family only) but provides utter luxury for 3 or fewer guests.

• The cattery building, as a purpose-built facility, has secure key-pad entry and exit door locks on the communal safety corridor to ensure external doors cannot be opened at the same time as internal, corridor doors.

• As well as a large, raised bed area, each unit has its own raised hammock as well as a raised viewing/resting shelf.

• All suites are made of/fully lined in PVC with toughened double glazed window panels and doors to ensure maximum hygiene and maximum protection from the spread of any disease or illnesses.

• Every suite is fully partitioned to control the spread of disease. However, natural air-flow is still allowed with the benefit of a backup air exchange system for each unit.

• There is a choice of suites which have full privacy form “neighbours” for the more “territorial” or “stressful” guest, however, these suites still have an unimpaired view to the outside.

• The other suites available have a common, toughened, double glazed panel between suites to allow a view of neighbours and company/diversion for the guests that would enjoy it. These suites also have an unimpaired view of the outside.

• There is no contact between cats from different households.

• The external view is idyllic, full of natural visiting wildlife, the family horses and ponies, as well as the landscape of hills and pasture with grazing dairy herds etc.

• Each suite has its own individually controlled heat panels by the raised bed area, specifically designed for catteries, thermostatically controlled to provide changes of temperatures but maintaining a continuous, comfortable ambient temperature.

• As part of the design and operation of the suites, experts were consulted regarding the preferences of cats for feeding and water bowls, as well as cat litter to ensure comfort and relaxation for our guests.

• Guests are provided with regularly changed, fresh spring water during each day of their stay.

• A variety of toys are provided, as well as stimulating feeders and individual scratching posts, cardboard boxes, tunnels and chairs (changed for each guest/family of guests).


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