Guest Information & Terms

Information Request

Arrival and departure times, as well as pre-booking viewings are strictly by appointment only and to be agreed in advance. Please see our services section for guides on appointment times.

We have attached a booking form that you can either print off, complete and post on to us, or alternatively, complete on line, and email to us. Please let us know if you would like to provide this information over the phone and the consents can be signed at the time of arrival.

Additional Notes

• Daily Care:

o Current food preferences – please confirm combinations of dry and/or wet feed, brand, variety and preferred flavours. For wet food, please outline whether tins or pouches and jelly or gravy etc.

o Speciality / Veterinary feeds to be provided by the owner for the full stay.

o Fresh foods (e.g., chicken / fish) can be provided for an additional charge but must be discussed and agreed at the time of booking.

o Natural wood-pellet litter will be provided (for its hygienic properties), but if your cat has specific requirements or preferences, please let us know so that we can try to accommodate as much as possible.

o Special needs re. Grooming / Daily Care – e.g., specific “sensitivity” spots. If you can provide your cats preferred grooming kit, all the better, but we do provide a basic grooming brush for our guests.

o Scratching posts are provided, but if your cat has a preferred scratching post, please being that with you.

o We suggest guests bring a blanket or old hand towel (for example) that might have the owners’ and cat’s own scent on it; this helps the guests to settle in more easily. As a suggestion, perhaps this could be placed on your lap at the time your cat may sit with you, rub off you, and emitting scents associated with happiness and relaxation.

o Please also bring any favourite toys that your cat might like to have.

• General Health:

o Please provide details of any ongoing / pre-existing conditions that your cat may have and which may need daily care / monitoring etc. A veterinary letter may be needed to confirm that conditions are not contagious. If the administration of medicine is required, please let us know in advance. Depending on difficulty and frequency of administration, an additional charge may be required.

o Please provide details of any recent, non-routine visit to the vet and the reason for this visit; it may be important should your cat require any treatment while with us.

o If we are unable, for any reason, to contact your own vet, we would seek to use one of our own two vets as follows:

The Cat Hospital,
Barnavara Hill,
Co. Cork

Blackwater Veterinary Clinic,
Shoulders Lane,
Co. Cork

Note, any veterinary care costs incurred during your cat’s stay with us will be the responsibility of the owner. Any fees paid by Cedar Lodge Cattery will have to be reimbursed at the time of collection.